Saturday, September 19, 2009

paper bag mini scrapbook

Here is a mini scrapbook made from 2 paper bags. A friend at work was given one from her sister and brought it in to show me. This one is very different from the one she had but it was such a clever idea that I thought I'd give it a try...
As it is made from two bags, it has two pockets where I have put pull-out cards in... The fourth photo shows the middle of the scrapbook where you can see I have used 4 eyelits on the spine to hold it all together by threading ribbon though... then it's as simple as adding photos and decorating the pages.


  1. sweet little mini.
    love the bright colors.

  2. This is just FABULOUS Jacqui!! You're very clever, and it looks even better IRL. Well done making time to create, when you're so super busy at the moment. Have fun with the show!

  3. This is fabulous Jacqui, very clever and so bright and cheerful. TFS (might have to try making one)

  4. What a cool idea, so beautifully done and bright and refreshing. You have done the pop in pages so nicely too. You are amazing the way you can make something you have seen your own and turn it out special.