Thursday, March 26, 2009

Anniversary card and tin

Well it's my Mum and Dads anniversary on Monday so I thought i'd better make at least a card. So here is the card... Now I also decorated a coffee tin I bought recently and of course put a little bear inside, He's not that little tho and only just fit!
I hope she likes it, she's a bear collector so should be well recieved.

That's all for tonight - never enough time... Too many late nights....

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Baby Doll in a tin

One of the ladies at work is due to leave on maternity leave next week, so here is a little gift I have made for her. The doll has a heart thatn lights ups and beats like the real thing.. cute! Just fit in the tin...
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Winnie the Pooh

Here are some more Winnie the Pooh cards, love the cuttlebug embossing, makes them very stylish...
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Sunday, March 22, 2009

Sassy Stems

Had to play with a new set, so thought I'd used sassy stems and also my frames with a flourish set as I haven't used this one much yet...
What fun!

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Baby cards

Here are a couple of baby cards I was asked to make for some ladies at work...
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Easter Cards

Well after spending the entire weekend cleaning out my crafts, dvds, books. And then listing a heap of stuff on trademe (trying to get some money together to pay bills and hopefully have some left for the arrival of the new Stampin up catelogue), I had to make time to make a few cards.
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Friday, March 20, 2009

photos back beach

here are some more photos i took last weekend at back beach.... i might have to start entering some photography competitions...

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Thursday, March 19, 2009

Standup Photo Frame

Well tonights creation is inspired thanks to telecom. We recieved something in the mail from telecom promoting some deal to do with your favourite phone number, or something, I never actually read the mail but, as a part of this promotion they sent this standup photo frame.....
So of course I just had to try to make one my self!
I like the fact it folds down for easy posting just like a card....then I like the fact you can stand it up like a photo frame.. it's a similar design to the photo calendars I made for 2009.

I didn't spend much time on this design as I just wanted to try it and see if it would work... What you do think???

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Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Survival kit - water bottle holder

So after a busy day at work I come home and remember I need to make some survival packs for some ladies at work.

The team at PAE, the caretaker/cleaning company that look after the WITT campus, are putting in a team for the relay for life this weekend.

Pat, Stacy, Barney and Becks are such good supporters of my crafts that it seemed only fitting to support them in the relay by providing them with survival kits. They are such good friends they even invited me to join their team although I don't work for their company! How nice are they!

The kit includes NZ Spring Water, and of course, hiding inside the holder is 2 chocolate frogs!

I have used stampin up's lifes definitions on the front and chosen a different definition appropriate for each person.
Inspire for Pat as she is so very inspiring especially as she has been recently diagonsed with breast cancer but that won't get her down.
Gratitude for Barney as I am thankful for the great cleaning job she does in my building.
Happy for Stacy as she needs some happiness right about now, and hearing about her adventures makes me happy.
And Original for Becks as being so youthful, I do hope she stays so very original and true to herself, she rocks.

I hope these little care packages help them through the day.
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Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Heat embossed Flowers and french script

This is a take off of a fantastic card Michelle has on her blog, love your creation michelle, so had to try this, not as good as yours, but had to try...
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Petal Prints

This is such an elegant set, I sprayed the stamp with water before stampin, what a nice affect.... Love the lace background, really love infact!

A big hello to Sybille, thanks for checking out my blog, hope you are enjoying the class at WITT.
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Sunday, March 15, 2009

surfer back beach

here's another photo i shot on saturday, i went in the sea for this one, got quite wet too, worth it tho..
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mt taranaki - first snow 2009

Here is a photo i took on saturday of the first sprinking of snow for 2009. Yipee, bring on winter...
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live your dream

ok so i had time for a few more cards tonight. i love this new set, stampin ups live your dream. Thanks rel for your nice comments on my blog. . you are one of only two people watching my blog. sad but true.
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Spring Solitude

This is a new set which is expiring from Stampin Up. It's very cute and I love the little bird! A friend one this in a competition and kindly offered it to me as she was not so keen on it as she has many other wonderful sets. Thanks Rel. You can expect a card in the mail soon, made from this set of course!

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Tin money box

After giving away my first money box, to a very thoughtful lady, It was only fitting to search for a new one. I found a tin at the $2 shop... So here it is decorated with some patterned paper and ribbon.. the brads were also a $2 bargin.
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Photo cards

Here are some photo cards also made on Thursday night. All photos are taken by me... The funny thing about this photo is that you can see the size of the table I have all the cards on... This is my card making table! All my creations are made on this very small fold out table as I have limited space. I hope the rest of you know how lucky you are with entire areas set up for your crafting! LOL.
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Wedding Notebook

Here is another wedding notebook I made for a friends hens party gift on Thursday. She loved it! This time I used my new Tag stamps from Stampin Up for the lovely lined tabs.
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