Monday, February 21, 2011

biker birthday

Well I have not been blogging for ages! I have been very busy with my brothers wedding last weekend, out of town, and then busy with work again... and now I have to edit the wedding video before putting onto discs then sort the photos I took.....

I did manage to to make a quick card for some friends who had theird brothers 60th on the weekend, who obviously likes motorbikes!

Once I get the wedding stuff finished I may find time to craft again.... although I have also joined the local camera club so that is also keeping me busy..... a lot of fun too!
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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

3D Penguin and Teddy Bear (Cannon)

I needed to get more A4 photo paper so ventured to warehouse stationery on the weekend... The HP paper I usually buy was expensive so I looked at other paper and found Cannon Matt photo paper for the same price but 30 more sheets! I don't usually print on Matt but was very pleased with the photo's I tried and how they look albeit different from glossy.

Anyway, on the pack of the cannon matt paper it had a website referring to papercraft so I checked it out and found loads of templates to make 3D items. You print them onto photo paper, cut them out, glue and fit together...

I love penguins so tried that first and really please with how it looks, thinking that was fun, I thought I would try another so printed the bear but have to say it took me ages to make this one as had more intricate pieces.... was so worth it by the time I finished tonight though! Would you believe the legs, arms and head are all moveable!!!!

They are quite large too being about 20-25cm high.

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Chip and Dale Chipmunks

Here is a very simple card I made for a lady at work... Chip and Dale are made using my cricut.... So very cute!
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Heart treat box

This is a treat box I made for a lady leaving work last week. Made using my cricut (which I am LOVING). I didn't have much time so quickly added the leather and embossed hearts... very simple but cute!
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