Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Stand Up card - Season of Joy

Okay so only one more creation tonight... here is a Stand Up card.

This is my first attempt and there are a few flaws in the making! But the concept worked a treat!

The first photo is the card closed and secured with ribbon through a double ribbon punch hole which goes through the red 'roofing' card and then through the front layer of the white card only.

The second photo is the card opened up and laying flat on the table - this is a downward/ariel view photoshot. Here you can see the flaw, I stamped the words before punching the ribbon slot!

And the final photo is of the view
of the card laying down
open with the Stand Up Christmas Tree.
Cool Aye!

Leave me a comment if you want to know anymore on how to make this if you can't work it out from the photos...

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Mojo93 (Mojo Monday)

I have to say that since I started my Mojo Monday addiction, my cards have a certain style about them that I really like. The sketches make it so much easier to know where to place things and each time you end up with a pretty stylish looking card. As I'm sure you will all agreed, the Mojo Team Rock!

Monday, June 29, 2009

Shaker card - Eastern Bloom

He is another card I haven't made for a long time, a shaker card. I had an idea to use foam to standout and try cutting on my cuttlebug using a nestibilities scallop and circle to make the frame. It worked a treat!

As you can see I filled the window with beads.
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Swivel Card

Here is a swivel card. I have made one before but didn't like it so thought I'd try another one.

This time I cut out the inside and put the fish on the middle so that he would swivel. He has a different message in his bubble on each side and I used the reflection/mirror technique for his backside view (the second image) - it's a little faint but still worked.

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Sunday, June 28, 2009

Slider card - Baroque motifs

Here is a slider card, I haven't made one in a very long time so I wanted to give it a try again... I love the way the baroque motif set looks! This card is made with a strip of plastic bag inside which allows the top to pull up and the bottom to slide down. Very clever....There are some very amazing people out there who come up with these ideas!
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Post-it note holder (Magnetic)

Well with a lovely rainy day what better to do than make cards and things....

This is a post-it note holder backed onto stiff card and a large magnet on the back so you can hang it on the fridge.

The cute little stamp set is a new Stampin Up set, pocket silhouttes.
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Waterfall card - sweet stems

Well it's been a long time since I made a waterfall card...

This cute little set is - sweet stems, one of the new Stampin Up sets.

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Photo book - book binding

After recently getting some books out from the local library (books on making handmade books), I decided tonight that I would try and make a photo book.... I have a binding machine that does plastic spines but I wanted something to look more professional)...

I used patterned paper for the front and back cover and glued this onto thick card. Laid these out next to two thin strips of card for the spine and covered these and the start of the covers with material. Then punched holes through the spines and material, photos and black card front and back inside. Then you simply thread the leather type ribbon through the covers and photos. This book has 10 photos which I have taken throughout the last year.

There are many ways to do book binding. This is the first one I have tried. I'm pleased with how it turned out. I'm going to try another one with just cardstock and not the material sometime.. and without the patterned paper so I can stamp and decorate the front etc. I think they have the potential to make lovely Christmas gifts....
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Eastern Blooms bags

After sorting out my card box after having a sale at work.. I realised I didn't have any bags left so decided I'd better make a couple....

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Disney Cuttlebug embossed cards

Here are a couple of creations from tonight... The first one I coloured with felts but they bled a little on the card... the next two I used watercolour pencils instead...
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Thursday, June 25, 2009

Scrapbook Purse

Here is another scrapbook purse, this one was made for my bosses birthday (TODAY)!

Yep I forgot it was her birthday - terrible I know....

I quickly ordered flowers this morning once I realised and then got a birthday card from my card box I leave in the staffroom.... (what a lifesaver that was)...

So tonight, while it is still officially her birthday, I have been flat out making this scrapbook purse for her.

I hope she likes it...

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Wednesday, June 24, 2009

MOJO92 (Mojo Monday)

Well, here is another great sketch from the mojo team...
I have used my new Stampin Up set, Baroque motifs and my first ever Stampin Up designer series paper! (Old olive, Red ridinghood and Chocolate chip colours).
Rather than using a scallop edge for the rectangle and square, I used my Carl cutter with the victorian blade (I hardly use the patterned blades and forget how nice they are). I have also added pink pearls to the little flowers and some gold ribbon/string treaded through the button.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Revenge on the RAT in the roof

Well finally, after over a month of this little bugger living in our roof and eating through our powercable, revenge is sweet!

After being kept awake Sunday morning by the sound of a large creature eating something really crunchie above MY wardrobe!, 3.30am and again at 6am... we woke to find our home phone didn't work. I put a call into Telecom faults who were very helpful and sent someone round, who even arrived 4 hours earlier than expected!

He found that the fault was connected to our home alarm system and infact the friggin RAT had eaten through the alarm cable in the roof and the cable was connected to the phone!

So with the purchase of an 'extra large' mouse trap, $3 from the Warehouse, here is a picture of the best $3 we have spent in a while!

If you get can over the fact he IS dead, doesn't he look cute! Surrounded by pink batts.... kinda looks like candy floss! It's a little sad when it looks like he didn't even get to the cheese! It's cruel I know but what else can you do when none of your friends will let you borrow their cat to throw up in the roof!

Lets hope he was a loner and doesn't have a family!
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Monday, June 22, 2009

Postcard - fold out

After going to the library after work and getting some books out on 'making handmade books', I came across a picture of this fold up postcard. It didn't have instructions on how to make but I worked it out by using the CD template I had made for the puffy boxes (refer to puffy box post or splitcoast tutorial). I figure I would be able to post this as is without an envelope..... just need to add an address label on the front our use lighter cardstock.

For the scallop I used for the closure, I punched holes in each scallop so I could thread ribbon through and punched two holes in postcard left and right flaps - to be able to thread the ribbon through both the scallop and card flaps underneath. If I was posting I would tie ribbon in knot so it will not undo in post.

The postcard stamp is from Stampin Up Winter Post set, the lines and flower from Live your dream set. And of course I took the photo of Mt Egmont from Stoney River.

For a first attempt, it's not bad, has real potential!
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Sunday, June 21, 2009

Up the mountain again!

Yep another nice day today so my friend Brent decided to go up the mountain, how could I say no??
We tramped all the way up to the lookout about 45mins up a snowy icy track. A little further on from that was a lovely clearing with great views (after the turn off to Holly Hut).
There was a bit of huffing and puffing on the way up and then an easy walk down although very hard on the old knee!

And to think I was going to stay home and make cards! Tough choice! Here I am thinking Michelle is mad as she has gone to Palmerston North for a squash tournament this weekend, perhaps I do really wanna be fit like her..... she is inspiring!

The top pic is after the turn off to Holly Hut... in the clearing...

The next, the view down to the track that goes to the transmitter...

And here I am, had to get the proof, this is the sign post to Holly Hut....

And lastly the view way up high.... it really is super up there...

My friend Brent was so prepared as he had a cooker and some food in his pack, also a compass and a map of the mountain... I on the other hand had my water, cellphone and camera!
Hopefully he will be keen again soon and come up the skifield with me as I am too chicken to drive up that icy road after fridays trip. Think I'm gonna buy some walking poles though!

All in all a superb weekend. Unfortunately I didn't get alot of sleep last night as the blasted RAT is BACK!
Yep he is in the roof AGAIN. He must be pretty big as a very noisy eater. He has already eaten the plastic coating off our main power cable and of course this morning our phone wouldn't work. The telecom man came round only to find it was the blasted RAT who ate through our house alarm cable which was wired up with the phone!

We bought a big mouse trap today so lets hope we catch something tonight!
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Eastern Blooms

This is a new set I bought from Michelle recently... very pretty. I'm hoping I will be able to come up with lots more ideas for this set.....The pink card has flock on the blossoms and the last one has dazzling diamonds....
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