Sunday, May 31, 2009

Sweet Stems

Ok I couldn't resist making just two more cards before I get some sleep... This sweet stems SU set is very cute, I haven't used it much yet and am hoping I will get some inspirational ideas soon... Both these cards are made with SU incolour card stock.
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Upsy daisy again

The night wouldn't be complete without using the upsy daisy set!
I have paper pierced the border, used the nestabilities label die, and flocked the daisies. I must have some dassling diamonds mixed in with my heat and stick cause I can see a sparkle here and there...
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Playful petals

This is one of my new favourite sets, playful petals.
I have alternately layered the flower with pink cardstock and patterned paper. Crimped the patterned paper background and topped off with a pearl.
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Bareback - horses

I love this horse set and haven't used it for a while... So much fun... I really like the nestabilities labels dies and very glad I have the rectangles and the square set now...
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Polka dot punches - hearts

Another creation for tonight...
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Sheep - front and back

This is another clever stamp from Rubadubadoo.. one stamp for the front of the sheep and one stamp for the back... They line up perfectly!

My mum had this clever idea of putting on stamp on the front of the card and the back view on the inside of the card.... it worked a treat, and I have to say this card makes me laugh!

Must get back to creating now... hope you pop in later to see more creations, thanks for stopping by my blog!
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Never too early for Christmas cards

This cute little picture stamp of santa climbing the chimney was a recent purchase at the Dunkleys craft fair.. also the word stamp, and the crimper I have used on the picture...

Simple but cute...
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Petal Prints - paper crimping

I really love this petal prints SU set, just can't seem stop using it!
My new toy is the fiskars paper crimper... this is similar to a card Michelle made a while back from the scribble this set.... thanks for the inspiration Michelle!
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Another bear card

Well what better to do on a very cold and wet day than make cards!

I had to go back to the craft fair today to change a crystal keyring I bought as one of two of them did not work. It was spose to light up... So after popping in to change that, i decided to pop around the stamp zone stall and ended up buying another nestabilities set (Square labels) and a fiskars paper crimper! I think I'll be crimping everything soon, so much fun...

Anyway here is another one of the bear cards, this time with coloured cardstock...
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Saturday, May 30, 2009

Hanging bear - front and back

How cute, I could not resist this bear stamp from rubadubadoo at the craft fair today. It is such a good idea for stamps as it includes the two stamps, one front and one back of the bear.... I figured I would stamp the bear on the front of a card and the backside of the bear on the inside cover but I thought I'd try a hanging one first...

I think it will look better with a different colour card than white tho....

Better go and try to catch up on some sleep now...

Hope you like my latest creations..

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Nestabilities Labels and flock

Well after a very late night on Friday, due to Graduation Ceremony for Work... (9pm finish and an 8am start that morning).. I am very tired... Not only did I not get home til 9 but I hadn't eaten since lunch at 12... so had a 10pm dinner. I wasn't really hungry anymore by that time.. then of course I had to stay up for a few hours after that as sleeping on a full stomach only brings on the indigestion and reflux - YUK!

But anyway, although feeling a little worse for wear the last couple of days, I had to go to the Dunkleys Craft Fair! It was great with about 80 stalls and some fab things to buy...

I had arranged to get the nestabilities labels four set at eh fair as a company from Auckland had emailed to say it was on special.... As you can see I have used it on these cards..

Of course I have also used flock on the swirls, polar bear, penguin and the duck (i'm a little addicted to flock at the moment)
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Thursday, May 28, 2009

Flock - upsy daisy

So after playing with the free sample stickers and flock, I wondered how I could use it with my stamps. Of course! Stampin Up's Heat and Stick is perfect! So here I have versamarked the daisy stamp and then sprinkled Heat and Stick powder, heated, sprinkled flock and then pressed down to ensure it sticks and then shoke off the access.... I love it and it really does feel like velvet! On the words, you can see I did not versamark well enough but it's still readable! I'm sure I'll get better the more I use flock!

Hi to Teresa - thanks for checking out my blog, it was lovely to met you at Michelle's class. You are right, I do love the upsy daisy set! Check out Teresa's blog - Campin and stampin, the link is on the right side of my blog list... She has made some beautiful stamped candles using the upsy daisy set...

I better get to bed now as I need an earlier nights sleep than of late... I turned my alarm off this morning and fell back asleep. 7.30 I raced into the shower as I start work at 8 and usually get up around 6.45... what a mad rush, poor little ticker had a jump start this morning! It really is a horrible feeling and very bad start to the day.
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After trying flowersoft and not really liking it... I sold it on.
I bought a magazine last month and liked the look of the free samples coming in the next months issue, so I bought the magazine today just so I could get the free samples of FLOCK.

Couldn't wait to try it. This card is made from the sample pack with came with the sticker templates for the flowers and pot etc. So you just stick the pattern on your card, peel off the top and sprinkle flock. Push down on the flock to make sure it sticks and then shake off excess.. I lost the middle of the flower at the top, so I used a bit of glue, still worked but not as acurate for the red flock.

I really really like this stuff, much better than flowersoft. It looks and feels like velvet.

So I wondered how I could use it on my stampin up stamps... see my next post for the answer...
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Tuesday, May 26, 2009

New stamp sets

How exciting, after a recent card class at Michelle's I just had to order the upsy daisy set. Michelle made 5 fabulous cards for the class and really dazzled us with her creations.

I had a very quick play tonight with the upsy daisy set and also sweet stems... nothing like Michelle's great creations tho...

BTY i ordered some more dazzling diamonds, this time i read the instructions that came with them. Funny, all this time I would use heat and stick and then sprinkle with diamonds and that was it... some diamonds would fall off and get a little messy on the card... anyway the instructions say after doing the heat and stick part and sprinkling the diamonds, you should then heat lightly to seal! I tried it out on the card below... it was so good I could even brush over the whole lot to get rid of the excess!

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Monday, May 25, 2009

Mojo88 - Mojo Monday

Wow, for some reason, the Mojo Monday came on a monday (usually tuesday in NZ). How exciting I didn't have to wait another day...

Sunday, May 24, 2009

If you love someone set them free, if they come back, they're yours! KIWI RETURNS

Well, what a great afternoon! After four weeks and fours days since my much loved budgie, Kiwi Jones, flew away... I had a phone call early evening from the Amber Court Motel! Kiwi has been living there for the last four weeks!

Of course I raced down there to see if it was really him and could not believe my luck! Miracles do come true!

The moment I got him home and pulled out a pack of peanuts, he was out of his cage in a flash and in the packet... he remebered his favourite game of kissing the kettle and running back to me for a kiss..... he's even talking again.... how lucky we are!

The ladies at Amber Court found him on Anzac day, after 2 days of freedom, he was cold and outside their door. They opened the door and he flew in.. The lovely ladies down there have been looking after him very well and become quite attached to him sitting on their shoulder etc... so much so they even went and bought him a cage. They put a notice in the paper, that we missed, and put a notice up at countdown supermarket... just the other day, a lady who still had my flyer in her wallet, saw the notice at the supermarket and contacted the motel...

Must be a very good motel, based on the service they provided my little Kiwi, I would recommend the Motel to all my friends...

We are in a little bit of a dilema now as we have a 3 week old budgie that we are training... him name is budge and he's rather nice.... Mum and I have already been in discussions as there is no way that I would get rid of Kiwi after getting him back, we've had him 2 years and he's part of the family... it would break my heart again, to give him away... The motel ladies would like to keep him but do not want the one we are training... Mum's already attached to the new one and doesn't want to keep two... it would be harder to train the new one with another budgie around... however, they are gettting on okay so far, you never know they could end up best of friends and budge could still be trained and learn to talk... I could set up a flight plan so they can have their times out in the house.... I hope my Mum decides to keep budge, at least for a while to see how they get on... I like budge too but no choice when it comes to my Kiwi!
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Saturday, May 23, 2009

Pocket Silhouettes

And lastly for tonight, a couple of very simple cards...
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Polka dot punches - heart flower

Just playing around with the Polka dot punches set and thought I'd try to make a flower out of the heart stamp... it kinda pops out at you!
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Polka dot Punches

I am trying to use a couple of set I haven't used much lately... this one is polka dot punches and a frame with a flourish and life definitions, kindness.

I just had to put little pearls on, addicted to pearls!
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Petal prints and merci

Here are a couple of creations using embossing powder, I really like the way the white stands out on the black card....
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