Saturday, April 25, 2009

Playful Petals - Mother's day

Thought I'd better hurry up and make some mother's day cards.... I used the mojo monday template from last week as the guide for the placement on these cards... very useful, I must do these more often....
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Three little words

This is a very sweet new set from Stampin Up...
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Mojo monday

Well I thought I'd give this mojo thing a try.... So here is the first ever attempt....
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New cat stamp

Not only have I used my new 'Three little words set' (Thanks for delivery this Michelle) I love it! A was also treated to a gift from Rel, she visited her husband recently, working in Christchurch. She is so very thoughtful and bought a lovely cat stamp for me....
It's just purrrrrfect...................................................
Thanks Rel
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Wild about you with frog

Yet another frog card....
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In loving memory of my lost budgie

Seemed only fitting to make a card with a little birdie.. no sign of my budgie again today... so sad....
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Christmas wheel

This is a Christmas scene wheel from rollagraph. Works perfect with the stampin up handle...
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Thursday, April 23, 2009

Lost Budgie! Come home Kiwi!

Well, today is a very sad day. I got a call from my mum late this morning to say Kiwi, my budgie, took off out the backdoor...
Of course I raced home to try to find him... Well can you see him in the first photo? Spot the budgie!
I used a zoom on the second photo...
So he was in the neighbours very big tree... he wouldn't come down... then he took off to NP Boys High School... or course I chased after him.. found him i a tree over there but still wouldn't come down... then back to the neighbours tree, then down the street again..
I gave up once he took off again and went back to work the second time... very tiring.
Rushed home at the end of the day, walked around the neighbourhood and put flyers in the letter boxes... kept calling him and ringin his bell... I'm sure by now I look like a looney on the loose!
I heard him down the road but couldn't see him... kept calling and he followed me home, by the time I got to the back yard again he was up in the tree... at least I took photos this time and doesn't he look great in the tree!!!!
I stayed out til dark trying to get him down but he wouldn't come, I couldn't even bribe him with his favourite foods...

Sadly he is in for a very cold night out there in the big wild world, alone. He will be getting hungry by now too.. but it's dark and he won't fly in the dark.

I hope he survives the night and comes home in the morning....

If you make any cards in the next day or so make sure you put birds on them, it could be a good omen!
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Puddle - favourite of the night

This is my favourite creation from last night.. The puddle stamp was in the bulklot from trademe... The people are a cheap stamp, which I have had since I started stampin, from spotlight... The clouds were inspired by Tracey, she has some fab cards on her blog. She likes puff paint... Thanks Tracey, I love puff paint too now!
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Wild about you

This is one of last nights creations using SU wild about you lion and an interesting rock stamp I got recently from trademe..
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Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Frogs with lilly pad

This is another creation started last night but finished off tonight....

I bought the Stampin Up Lilly pad wheel on trademe recently and picked up from a lovey lady, Tracey. She is right into stampin up and I was impressed with her creations on her blog

When I met her she mentioned how she love puff paint. Well of course I had never heard of it before and after checking out some of her creations, I went out and bought some to try... I hope you can see the blue puff paint on the card above...

I like it a lot more than the flowersoft stuff I bought! Must sell that on trademe....
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Boat loads of love

Another creation from last night...
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Just a couple of simplae cards from last night... Disney characters will never be out of date!
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Saturday, April 18, 2009

Postcard - winterpost

Well I finally got around to trying to make a postcard..... I think it has potential..... I used stampin ups new winter post set and the lines from the live your dreams set......
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Playful Petals

This is the first time I have used this flower from Stampin Ups new playful petals set.... I am loving this set!

The vine at the top is cut on my cuttlebug using red felt...

Stem saying stamped below...
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Scrapbook page - hoppy for you set

Since I'm having so much fun with the frogs, i though I'd try a scrapbook page... The photos are of mini golf and the log flume at rainbows end in Auckland.... Many years ago...
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Just can't seem to get passed the cute frogs.....
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Teddy bear wheel

Just had to make another teddy bear card...
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Pocket Silhouettes

Very simple cards with cuttlebug backgrounds....

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Another cute frog

Yep here is another frog card. This was made specially for a lady at work, she snapped her archillies tendon playing netball for the University Games, hosted by work.... She is such a trooper she came into work on Friday to get some work done... Here's hoppin she gets better soon..
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Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Playful petals

And the final creation for the night.... Playful petals set, lace background, stem sayings... Back to work tomorrow after a nice long Easter weekend... at least its a short week!
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