Thursday, December 30, 2010

Christmas scrapbooking page

After a busy time before, during and shortly after Christmas, I finally made time tomake a scrapbooking page. Itwas fun and I used my new cricut machine too.... Also followed a page map layout... rather simple but I'm sure I will get better the more I do!

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Thursday, December 23, 2010

cricut christmas cards

I was so chuffed when I came home today to find my Christmas Noel cricut cartridge had arrived...It's super and I love the window frame and made this with stamping and brayering also, and santa and the reindeer flying in the sky...
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light up 3d cricut church

i have modified the 3d church U made using my cricut, I relaced the inside box - previously yellow card, for vellum. Also cut a hole in the roof to let the light come up. Under the church is a battery powered tealight candle, no flame, just a flickering light. I really looks super!

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orgainsing my cricut

Since getting this cricut expression machine, I have being playing around with it so much. I have not yet made a scrapbook page but have many creations. I decided I needing some way of storing them so I know what I have already made and thought If I got some blutac I could put them up inside my craft cabinet. It worked a treat and now I can see things ready to add to a card or scrap page.....
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wedding card- cricut

here is a card I made last night fora lady at work who is getting married over the holidays...with a matching treat box too... and personalised with her number plate....
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treat bags - made with cricut

Here are some treat bags I made on the cool cricut machine.... so much fun!

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Friday, December 17, 2010

cricut playing around... 3d church

having another play tonight with my cricut:

a christmas sleigh

Mickey and pluto

a lovely giftbag.... and A 3dD church

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book birthday card - cricut

Here is a birthday card I made for my brother. He works for a book publishing company in Aussie... the card is cut into the book shape on the cricut.....
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Wednesday, December 15, 2010

cricut cards

Here are a couple of very quick cards I made using my new cricut cartridge, A child's life (i think that's what it called)... Not sure if I like the shadowing on the first one, maybe if I did the pic in white and shadowed with black and then put on blue card?? prob would have looked better.... i do like the silhouette look though!
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stepper box

A lovely lady at work has bought many of my creations in the last few weeks, and asked if I could make another stepper box for her friend, I haven't made on in a while and it was fun!
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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Cricut - playing with my new toy!

Well, it's been a long tome since I posted anything on my blog, I have been very busy getting prepared for Christmas, visiting friends, and playing with my new toy. After seeing my friend Rel's new Cricut machine in action (Thanks Rel and Grant!), I was so keen to upgrade to one of these (Grant was right and Rel knew I wouldn't be able to resist!). I spent a day or two thinking about it and working out what cuttlebug stuff it would replace and then frantically selling my cuttlebug dies in order to cover some of the cost of the machine. Luckily they had $100 off and 3 free cartridges, so I snapped up the bargin and have since $500 off sales to cover the cost...
Unfortunately I picked up a cold last weekend so have been rather sick last week and am just starting to come right with only a cough left! So busy at work gearing up towards graduation this week and end of year results and thinga, I will be stuffed by Christmas as am struggling already, although the cold doesn't help. Strange to get my one cold of the year in December when it's usually in October.... Hope I am all better by Christmas, I can't wait to eat my turkey!
So here are some pics of the little things I have been playing with on my cricut. I am super impressed by this machine, more impressed than when I saw it. So pleased with the options of also doing gift boxes, cards and 3d items.... I love Winnie the Pooh too and am loooking forward to using him on a scrapbook page soon..... the tags are easy and heaps of designs, the coolest thing about this machine is that you can do any size you want up to 12x12". I have a few cartridges already and some more arriving tomorrow.
I'm gonna have lots of fun over the holidays!
Oh yeah, and the castle was heaps of fun to make!

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Graduation cards

I finally made time to make some graduation cards for one of the tutors at work, she is so nice and wanted to give all 20 ! of her students a special graduation card. I used my new machine to cut the caps..., the first two were trial ones with the font included then I opted for the cap only......

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Sunday, December 5, 2010

Christmas treat bags

Here are a few treat bags I made today for some of the ladies I work with, I do like to give a little Christmas treat to people who make work a little easier and support you in what you do! Hope they like them....
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