Monday, January 11, 2010

Sorting out craft cabinet - New Years spring clean!

What a way to start the New Year, with a BIG clean out of EVERYTHING and total reorganisation of my craft cabinet.

I bought a labelling machine recently and finally labelled all of my stampsets. I found that if you stack them upside down they sat on the flat wood side and stacked better.

I even coded each stamp set label as in the second and third photo!

Then continued to label my plastic files and file drawers, I should be able to find things pretty easy now.....

This last photo is my small craft cabinett and contains my samples and completed cards and the second shelf holds my bind-it-all machine and my cuttlebug etc...
It's such a good feeling to have everything organised, long may it last!

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  1. Wow you have had such a tidy up, it looks very impressive indeed. Everything in its place... hope it makes it easier to carry on making your beautiful cards. I know you will be busy this first half of the year with your study, but hope you can still carry on doing the Mojo Mondays as love to see your creations and need the inspiration to get me going. A really good job well done over your tidy up. Love relx