Monday, June 6, 2011

Photography pages and awards

The first scrapbook page is a photo I submitted at camera club whihc got an honours... I tooke three photos using AEB auto exposure bracketing that is 3 photos at different exposures and then did the HDR high dynamic range merge in photoshop to get the best parts of all three images....

Next are two photos I entered at the interclub competition held in Hawera recently, hosted by the Hawera club - in the recent photographers section with interclub being stratford, inglewood, hawera and new plymouth clubs.. one of my DPIs got second and another third. You could only put in two DPIs and two prints. I didn't make it to interclub as I had a bad cold after finishing a busy couple of months backstage with 42nd street with the operatic society... I can't believe my photos were placed and they awarded ribbons! I have never had ribbons before... very cool.

And lastly a scrapbookpage using a couple of night photography shots of the port which I haven't even entered at camera club...
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  1. Congratulations big time...... love your photos, and so very very glad you have been acknowledged for your excellent photography. Isn't it great to be awarded a ribbon.... so thrilled for you.