Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Mojo137 and Mojo138

Well I never quite got around to doing last weeks mojo so this week I have made last weeks and this weeks mojo... I decided to go for bright and colourful cards this time... hope you like them, thanks for stopping by.


  1. Hi Jacqui, what lovely bright colors you have used and love the new lion die, and the way you have used the strips to say Happy Birthday. Really cool. Also love last week's Mojo and it really puts a smile on your face seeing the cartoon characters, which are something of a favourite for all ages. Two really neat cards. I just couldn't get my head around last week's one, but am hoping to do this week's and actually make it to the link in time before it closes....

  2. Both are pretty darn cute. Great job w/ layouts!

  3. Hi again, like you new background for your blog and the wee bird, was thinking it would be cute for you to find one that could be a reminder of 'kiwi' your special birdie and now you have. Hey a question, could you please tell me where you got your stamp "branched out" from, the one with the tree and the rope hanging down and the tyre at the end??? Have looked everywhere for it, and even on trade me.
    Would really appreciate knowing.