Monday, August 22, 2011

Campin critters and Winter frolic CRICUT scrapbooking layouts

I had a lot of fun making these scrapbook pages, firstly the campin critters layout just as it is in the cartridge book as the project to try, i did note though the handbook says to do the sign at 5.5" and that is way too big! even the 3.5" it is still too big for the design as pictured in the handbook and the photo mat sizing is not right either but have modified to suit. I added a little cuttlebug embossing on the caravan and the tree to add some texture and am pleased with the result.

Next is a page inspired by the weekend where after a fab snowfall I went up the mountain to take some photos. The mountain was closed so had to walk up the road from the second gates, have a sore calf muscle to show for it! It was very icy on the road with loads of snow around so can appreciate why it was closed. The second carpark was completely covered with snow and when I walked over it my feet sank up to me knees! Just lovely! As I went up North egmont, I changed the CRICUT designed sign from North Pole to North Egmont, seemed fitting!

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