Thursday, January 12, 2012

Cricut cards - baby, birthday etc

Tonights creations

Firstly a card from the January 2012 cricut magazine. a design by Alicia Thelin.

simple and smart

This is a card i made formy sister-in-law who recently emailed through her scan so I could see the progess.... I figured I'd send her a card to say thanks and which her well....

And lastly a card for a friend birthday coming up this month... she loves purple and used to do motorcross and is a pretty cool chick so hoping she will love this card....

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  1. Wow these are terrific.... how did you do the scan one?? is it a cricut cartridge from birth upwards?? it would be so suitable to us just now with Logan and Kelsey. They just had there scan today to check for downs at 12weeks and all well and baby progressing beautifully, so would love to send her and Logs and card just like yours. Love the rock chick too!!!