Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Scrapbook page maps -Becky Fleck

How exciting, I got home from work to find my books had arrived from the US ( They only took 16 days to arrive although for standard delivery they said they would arrive by about 10th November! Unfortunately the postage from US to NZ can be expensive so I went for the cheapest option however arrived in great time. I couldn't find the books in NZ and when I did it would cost over $100....

So all up I got these two fabulous books for just under $70 NZ. Scrapbook Page Maps and Scrapbook Page Maps 2, by Becky Fleck. (She has done a great job on these books)

They are so cool, not only are they packed with layouts (page maps) but also many completed pages using the layouts. And they come with cards you pop out with the page map on one side and the finished sample on the other.

They have 12x12, A4 horizontal, A4 vertical, 12x12 double pages, A4 double pages and a few card layouts too! The layouts use anything from 1 to 10 photos in a page map and for all the different sized sketches. One of the best things I like about these page maps is they have the size of the photos to use, how easy is that!

There are about 60 page maps (cards) in each book. The first ones don't have a ring or hole but come with a box to store them in and the second comes with holes ready to put onto a ring, a much better idea so you can take them wherever you go, even when shopping for supplies! I put holes in the first lot and added a ring as preferred this to a box... easy to flick through.....

Now I just need sometime to start my scrap booking, luckily we have a long weekend on its way!

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