Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Frogs with lilly pad

This is another creation started last night but finished off tonight....

I bought the Stampin Up Lilly pad wheel on trademe recently and picked up from a lovey lady, Tracey. She is right into stampin up and I was impressed with her creations on her blog http://astamperstouch.blogspot.com

When I met her she mentioned how she love puff paint. Well of course I had never heard of it before and after checking out some of her creations, I went out and bought some to try... I hope you can see the blue puff paint on the card above...

I like it a lot more than the flowersoft stuff I bought! Must sell that on trademe....
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  1. This is so neat, love the puff paint the water looks so amazingly real you almost feel it could be wet.... Love the frogs too.