Friday, April 3, 2009

CD /DVD Covers

Well only one creation for tonight....

My best friend is coming down from Hamilton for the weekend. Yippe. We are planning to roam around Taranaki taking photos. The weather is looking good, so I am planning a visit to the Mountain, Stoney River and maybe even a Chaddy's Charter!

Gaynor loves horses and I had a disc for her, so it seemed appropriate that I make a cover. It was also her Birthday and Wedding Anniversay earlier this week.

The next one is for my friend Christina in Stratford. Valentines Day was her 1st Wedding Anniversary. I caught up with her and her family at Brooklands Zoo over the holidays. Funny really, I was taking photos of the lovely Red Panda and along came a little girl, all I could hear was her saying to her mum "look ... a carebear!" I literally laughed out loud as I am also quite fond of carebears.... Anyway turned around to see it was Christina and her youngest daughter Charlie. Cute as! So Chirstina's husband, Braden, was also at the zoo so I ended up taking a few photos of them. I promised to email them to her - but the files are quite large, so I have been planning to put them on a disc... still haven't got around to it but at least I have made a disc cover!

Lastly, this one is for Windy (Pieter Voorwinde) and his lovely wife - Lesley. Windy turned 50 recently so we helped him celebrate last saturday. It was a super party, with all the old operatic people. Great band, great atmosphere and overall a great night out. Would you believe I didn't get home till 3am. It's been a long time since I have done that. Pretty impressive considering I don't drink too, I even danced a little. It was such a good photo opportunity and certainly a party to remember, so I need to sort out the pics and put them onto a disc for Windy and Lesley. Once again, at least I have made the cover!
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