Thursday, April 9, 2009

YIPEE I WON! Stampin up gift basket

I still can't believe it! Wow, I actually won this fantastic gift basket from Michelle and Sharlene's Stampin Up Catelogue Launch Party last night.... YIPPPEEEEEE...... I was so very excited when I checked my ticket, I was waiting for someone to say it was them... but to my surprise it was me!!!!!!!!!! The lucky ticket holder... I was so very very excited I was literally jumping for joy, it must have been a funny sight (perhaps not so for those who know me). In all the excitement I can't remember if I actually thanked Michelle and Sharlene... So a very BIG (while jumpig up and down) thank you to you both. The gift is very much appreciated and such a thrill.

So in this wonderful basket is a pack of all of the in colour cardstock, two in colour ink pads, kiwi kiss and pacific point (beautiful colours) and a Yummy (acutual name) Stamp set... which is fantastic!

Just can't wait to find some time over easter to start playing with all of these lovely new things..

We forget how lucky we are sometimes, in amongst a busy working life.... If I had never started looking at stamps on trademe then I wouldn't have met Michelle, and all of the lovely friends I have made through Michelle, Rel, Sybille, Joanne, Dawn, Raewyn etc etc... Now I also wouldn't have learned how to stamp and how to make such lovely cards. Although its funny that I probably would have been richer ($$$$), rather than broke, as any spare money I have seems to go straight to Michelle for new stamp sets and other goodies. But I am so much richer having had Michelle share her talents, techniques, ideas, friendship and her friends and family with me. I look at the cards and the creations I make now and know I wouldn't be making them if it wasn't for such a great teacher with endless ideas. Life doesn't get much better than that!
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  1. Aaaawwww! You've given me goose-bumps reading that Jacqui! What a lovely thing to say, and can I say that YOU are something fabulous that happened to ME!! Thank you for your encouragement & ideas, and for always being sooo excited about what we are making. I really value your friendship - you really are the sweetest! AND, I'm SOOO glad you won! Yes, you did thank us!!

  2. I was so thrilled that you won, and like I said to you on the nite, when I was at home and thinking about the prize, I thought I really really hope Jacqui wins this... and you did.... I think I was making just as much noise and excitement as you were.... you being little tigger..... couldn't go to a nicer person.