Saturday, June 20, 2009

A day off - up the mountain

Well I decided yesterday that I would take my 'wellness day' and go up the skifiled. (Yep - we get one day off a year to take when well!) Funny!

So with the weather looking good I ventured off to Stratford and up the skifield.

I have to say the drive up was very scary. My car slipped twice on the black ice and once I thought as the back wheels were spinning, that I wouldn't be able to get any trackion at all! I have to say I didn't enjoy myself so much up the top as I was dreading the drive down... But I did make it safely with only one more slip on the ice.

The things we do for great photos!

The first photo is from the carpark on Mt Egmont/Taranaki and looking out to the group of mountains: Tongariro, Ngauruhoe and Ruapehu.

The next is the view of the carpark and looking up at the super impressive Mt Egmont.

Then here is the summit of Mt Egmont - Lovely fresh powdery snow up there!

And lastly the Manganui Skifield.....

WHEN I win lotto! (or big wednesday) I'm buying a 4-wheel drive!
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