Monday, June 22, 2009

Postcard - fold out

After going to the library after work and getting some books out on 'making handmade books', I came across a picture of this fold up postcard. It didn't have instructions on how to make but I worked it out by using the CD template I had made for the puffy boxes (refer to puffy box post or splitcoast tutorial). I figure I would be able to post this as is without an envelope..... just need to add an address label on the front our use lighter cardstock.

For the scallop I used for the closure, I punched holes in each scallop so I could thread ribbon through and punched two holes in postcard left and right flaps - to be able to thread the ribbon through both the scallop and card flaps underneath. If I was posting I would tie ribbon in knot so it will not undo in post.

The postcard stamp is from Stampin Up Winter Post set, the lines and flower from Live your dream set. And of course I took the photo of Mt Egmont from Stoney River.

For a first attempt, it's not bad, has real potential!
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  1. Love how you have done this tis so clever and love the new postcard set. Wow you keep coming up with brilliant ideas. Fabulous.