Friday, June 5, 2009

Mountain visit - afternoon off work

Well with the afternoon off work, i decided it would be a great time to go up the mountain... Unfortunately you couldn't see the mountain today due to cloud and rain. So the Stratford side was no go and the skifield was closed. So after alot of thought I decided to go up North Egmont. Well worth the trip as it was good weather on this side. Surprisingly warm and lots of breaks in the cloud.

This is one of the tracks I ventured up.... a little slippery in places due snow turning to ice.

Here is a cloudy misty view of the mountain.

This is the cutest little birdie living on the mountian, i think it is a North Island Robin, I called him a snow bird as has a beautiful white snowy breast.
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  1. By the way I found out by reading some of the info up the mountain today that this little birdie is actuall a tom tit!