Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Revenge on the RAT in the roof

Well finally, after over a month of this little bugger living in our roof and eating through our powercable, revenge is sweet!

After being kept awake Sunday morning by the sound of a large creature eating something really crunchie above MY wardrobe!, 3.30am and again at 6am... we woke to find our home phone didn't work. I put a call into Telecom faults who were very helpful and sent someone round, who even arrived 4 hours earlier than expected!

He found that the fault was connected to our home alarm system and infact the friggin RAT had eaten through the alarm cable in the roof and the cable was connected to the phone!

So with the purchase of an 'extra large' mouse trap, $3 from the Warehouse, here is a picture of the best $3 we have spent in a while!

If you get can over the fact he IS dead, doesn't he look cute! Surrounded by pink batts.... kinda looks like candy floss! It's a little sad when it looks like he didn't even get to the cheese! It's cruel I know but what else can you do when none of your friends will let you borrow their cat to throw up in the roof!

Lets hope he was a loner and doesn't have a family!
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  1. I'm sorry, but I find this post really quite funny! Sick, I know, but I empathise with your disdain for the little beast.

    I am jealous of that rat, though, I'ts a really sad day when you realise that a dead rat is more photogenic than you are, and that he certainly is compared to me! lol.

  2. Feel kinds sorry for the mouse.... he was probably only hungry and wanted shelter from the cold in your lovely warm roof.... but seriously know what a pain they can be, we had trouble with them up in our attic and they ate everything including the kids toys we had stored there for grandchildren one day,,, but they have to go.. and glad you caught it.