Sunday, June 21, 2009

Up the mountain again!

Yep another nice day today so my friend Brent decided to go up the mountain, how could I say no??
We tramped all the way up to the lookout about 45mins up a snowy icy track. A little further on from that was a lovely clearing with great views (after the turn off to Holly Hut).
There was a bit of huffing and puffing on the way up and then an easy walk down although very hard on the old knee!

And to think I was going to stay home and make cards! Tough choice! Here I am thinking Michelle is mad as she has gone to Palmerston North for a squash tournament this weekend, perhaps I do really wanna be fit like her..... she is inspiring!

The top pic is after the turn off to Holly Hut... in the clearing...

The next, the view down to the track that goes to the transmitter...

And here I am, had to get the proof, this is the sign post to Holly Hut....

And lastly the view way up high.... it really is super up there...

My friend Brent was so prepared as he had a cooker and some food in his pack, also a compass and a map of the mountain... I on the other hand had my water, cellphone and camera!
Hopefully he will be keen again soon and come up the skifield with me as I am too chicken to drive up that icy road after fridays trip. Think I'm gonna buy some walking poles though!

All in all a superb weekend. Unfortunately I didn't get alot of sleep last night as the blasted RAT is BACK!
Yep he is in the roof AGAIN. He must be pretty big as a very noisy eater. He has already eaten the plastic coating off our main power cable and of course this morning our phone wouldn't work. The telecom man came round only to find it was the blasted RAT who ate through our house alarm cable which was wired up with the phone!

We bought a big mouse trap today so lets hope we catch something tonight!
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  1. Gorgeous pics! I thought about taking the girls up the mt but unfortunately there was some desperate housework needing to be done. Maybe next weekend.