Sunday, June 28, 2009

Photo book - book binding

After recently getting some books out from the local library (books on making handmade books), I decided tonight that I would try and make a photo book.... I have a binding machine that does plastic spines but I wanted something to look more professional)...

I used patterned paper for the front and back cover and glued this onto thick card. Laid these out next to two thin strips of card for the spine and covered these and the start of the covers with material. Then punched holes through the spines and material, photos and black card front and back inside. Then you simply thread the leather type ribbon through the covers and photos. This book has 10 photos which I have taken throughout the last year.

There are many ways to do book binding. This is the first one I have tried. I'm pleased with how it turned out. I'm going to try another one with just cardstock and not the material sometime.. and without the patterned paper so I can stamp and decorate the front etc. I think they have the potential to make lovely Christmas gifts....
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  1. These as you say would make really nice personal christmas gifts and you could put photos of Taranaki, New Plymouth in it,or leave for them to put their own, but whichever it is lovely.