Tuesday, May 26, 2009

New stamp sets

How exciting, after a recent card class at Michelle's I just had to order the upsy daisy set. Michelle made 5 fabulous cards for the class and really dazzled us with her creations.

I had a very quick play tonight with the upsy daisy set and also sweet stems... nothing like Michelle's great creations tho...

BTY i ordered some more dazzling diamonds, this time i read the instructions that came with them. Funny, all this time I would use heat and stick and then sprinkle with diamonds and that was it... some diamonds would fall off and get a little messy on the card... anyway the instructions say after doing the heat and stick part and sprinkling the diamonds, you should then heat lightly to seal! I tried it out on the card below... it was so good I could even brush over the whole lot to get rid of the excess!

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  1. Isn't Upsy Daisy just the best. Your cards are wonderful.