Saturday, May 16, 2009

A scary card inspired by the monster in my closet

Okay so there isn't really a monster in my closet! But a couple of nights ago all I could hear was this strange scratching noise and the pitter patter of feet coming from my closet. It ws so loud it sounded like there was a very large mouse in my closet, in my backpack and in my lunchbox, eating my ryvita! Seriously, when I opened the door the next morning, I was pleased to see my backpack was zipped up! So my dad laid some traps for me but still empty a few days later... I quess that's a good thing! Not that anything larger than a little mouse could get caught by the trap!

So anyway, after a great card class at Michelle's (met some lovely new ladies too! hope I didn't scare them away!), I came home to the same noise... 1am and we are all standing in the hallway trying to work out where it's coming from and what it is... 3am... and it goes on... So in the wee hours of the morning we all agreed it is a RAT in the wall/roof just above my closet....

So after the day at work after little sleep, wondering most of the day whether it's stuck and will die and then smell.... yuky... I was pleased to come home to find dad had been in the roof, found out where he thinks its coming in and packed it with insulation stuff.... He also found it had eaten through the plastic around our MAIN power cable! My dads a retired electrician so will be able to fix this easy.... Anyway it wasn't a waste of time as while in the roof he found to DVS (air filter system... not sure if called a DVS...) had a broken cable and wasn't even working down my end of the house... so he fixed this too.... Hopefully I will have less condensation on my windows now...

So anyway, it's now about 1.15am and I am pleased to report I have not heard the big RAT! Yipee.

Seemed only fitting to make a scary/monster card after the events of the week..
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  1. Gosh what a story about the mouse or rat??? glad your dad was able to fix the DVs by your room and hope he has caught the little thing and you can sleep easy now. How scary that would be aargh..... take care and laughed at you doing a scary card to mark the occasion.. really cool