Thursday, May 28, 2009


After trying flowersoft and not really liking it... I sold it on.
I bought a magazine last month and liked the look of the free samples coming in the next months issue, so I bought the magazine today just so I could get the free samples of FLOCK.

Couldn't wait to try it. This card is made from the sample pack with came with the sticker templates for the flowers and pot etc. So you just stick the pattern on your card, peel off the top and sprinkle flock. Push down on the flock to make sure it sticks and then shake off excess.. I lost the middle of the flower at the top, so I used a bit of glue, still worked but not as acurate for the red flock.

I really really like this stuff, much better than flowersoft. It looks and feels like velvet.

So I wondered how I could use it on my stampin up stamps... see my next post for the answer...
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