Sunday, May 24, 2009

If you love someone set them free, if they come back, they're yours! KIWI RETURNS

Well, what a great afternoon! After four weeks and fours days since my much loved budgie, Kiwi Jones, flew away... I had a phone call early evening from the Amber Court Motel! Kiwi has been living there for the last four weeks!

Of course I raced down there to see if it was really him and could not believe my luck! Miracles do come true!

The moment I got him home and pulled out a pack of peanuts, he was out of his cage in a flash and in the packet... he remebered his favourite game of kissing the kettle and running back to me for a kiss..... he's even talking again.... how lucky we are!

The ladies at Amber Court found him on Anzac day, after 2 days of freedom, he was cold and outside their door. They opened the door and he flew in.. The lovely ladies down there have been looking after him very well and become quite attached to him sitting on their shoulder etc... so much so they even went and bought him a cage. They put a notice in the paper, that we missed, and put a notice up at countdown supermarket... just the other day, a lady who still had my flyer in her wallet, saw the notice at the supermarket and contacted the motel...

Must be a very good motel, based on the service they provided my little Kiwi, I would recommend the Motel to all my friends...

We are in a little bit of a dilema now as we have a 3 week old budgie that we are training... him name is budge and he's rather nice.... Mum and I have already been in discussions as there is no way that I would get rid of Kiwi after getting him back, we've had him 2 years and he's part of the family... it would break my heart again, to give him away... The motel ladies would like to keep him but do not want the one we are training... Mum's already attached to the new one and doesn't want to keep two... it would be harder to train the new one with another budgie around... however, they are gettting on okay so far, you never know they could end up best of friends and budge could still be trained and learn to talk... I could set up a flight plan so they can have their times out in the house.... I hope my Mum decides to keep budge, at least for a while to see how they get on... I like budge too but no choice when it comes to my Kiwi!
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  1. Jacqui - I still can't believe that this little guy is home! Such great news. I'll bet he's wondering why he ever thought to leave..!