Sunday, July 12, 2009

Cuttlebug inked/stamped embossing folders

Wow, how cool. After finding a couple of cuttlebug blogspots and adding the links to my blog, I have been keeping an eye on them and meaning to do some challenges sometime....
Anyway, tonight I noticed a post (by Cassie) about inking your embossing folders and then putting through cuttlebug which then stamps the ink onto the cardstock...

So I couldn't wait to try this out and this is how the cards turned out!

How very exciting - now I have many 'new' backgrounds I can used as stamped backgrounds from my collection of cuttlebug embossing folders, who would have thought of that?? Very clever.....

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  1. oh my gosh --- they just look sooooo amazing!!! i can't get over how sharp and perfect and professional they are!

    thanks sooo much for trying out my idea and then sharing them! beautiful cards - lucky recipients who get them!

    thanks for being a fan of cuttlebug challenge!

  2. Wooohooo! So glad you've had time to play with your new stuff. Your cards ARE AMAZING! This technique looks fab - have a great weekend.

  3. These cards are all beautiful. Love the technique you shared with me about coloring the cuttlebug embossing folders. It has sure enhanced your already terrific cards.