Wednesday, July 29, 2009

A lovely gift from a dear friend

WOW, How lucky am I?

Not only did Michelle drop off my latest order tonight but she was also so very thoughtful and kind and made a very special birthday card and a very classy gift bucket tin FULL of my FAVOURITE lollies - Jelly Jubes! Of course the card and gift match perfectly!

The card is so thoughtful that it includes my favourite colours pink and blue, includes a dazzling diamond butterfly of which I also LOVE and 2 ENORMOUS pearls! Isn't it just so very perfect in every way! I love Michelle's cards so much I go to almost all of her classes, whoops my secret is out - yep she taught me everything I know about stamping!

And here is the classy bucket tin FULL of Jelly Jubes - Sorry I am not sharing them!!

How very spoilt I am indeed.

Thanks Michelle, you are such a great teacher and friend, inspirational, creative and thoughtful and kind.
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  1. AND you deserve every one of those lollies! That's the best word of mouth advertising I've EVER seen - THANKYOU!