Monday, July 27, 2009

Punch Art - Animals

By the way above is a card I received from my friend Rel for my Birthday. I forgot to blog it earlier. She has thoughtfully made this especially as the cute birdie is blue (I LOVE IT) like my budgie and pink and blue are my favourite colours and the cool flower brads were purchased when we went ot a closing down sale a few months back.... Thanks Rel - it's just perfect!

Here are some creations for the evening, another late night.... just got a bit carried away..

Believe it or not this is a horse! Hopefully the horse shoe gives it away...

I showed this to some people at work, not many guessed it was a horse so I guess it's pretty bad!

And this one you should recognise from the red nose!

Of course I had to recreate my favourite from Michelle's class last month - the cow.... (excuse the pig looking snout - my oval was a bit big)

And another recreation from Michelle's, a lovely dog....
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